The messages E07

The message E07 means that the digital decoder is checking the smartcard. Ziggo recommends that you wait till this message disappears and the decoder is ready.

Follow these steps when you see this error message:

1. The error message does not disappear after a few minutes? Remove the smartcard from the decoder and place it back after a few seconds.

2. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, please restart the decoder. Use the following method:

– Turn off the decoder and remove the smartcard.
– Take the powercord of the decoder out of the powersocket for at least 30 seconds and disconnect the coax (television) cable from the decoder.
– Power the decoder back on, but do NOT place the smartcard back yet.
– After several minutes the digital decoder will ask you to place the smartcard.
– Place the smartcard back into the decoder.
– The decoder will now give the message E48 / E52 (no or weak signal).
– Reconnect the coax (television) cable. The error message will disapear within a minute.

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