This page shows what services ittdesk can provide in the field of Internet and TV.

TV & Radio

Ittdesk offers you, depending on your location, access to the standard package of popular television channels (analog and digital). Check the Ziggo website to see which channels are available for you. Are you interested in digital television? Then go to the  next page:


The Internet is your saviour. It is your connection to your friends, fellow students, your access to music, films and an important source of information for your studies. The Internet must be fast and work at all times. Period. This possibility is offered to you via ittdesk and its partners. And at a keen price. And if there is a problem with the Internet, you need to know quickly what you are up against, the status of any malfunction and when this will be rectified.

We are pleased to explain to you via this page how we handle the network that you use and your privacy.

Ittdesk will ensure that you stay in touch!

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