Big brother is watching you?

Big brother is watching you?

Yes, but ultimately no. We only monitor the technical state of the network, we look for patterns and recognise most viruses and worm activity and we act accordingly. Content wise we do not look at the network traffic.

Registration and monitoring of the (inter)network is an Ittdesk automated system. We monitor the network for threats from outside but also from within the network. We do NOT check where you surf to, what you watch, hear or do on the internet. Also we do NOT save and copy any data from your individual internet behaviour or use. We are like the carrier net neutral and we are not part of the judiciary or any other law enforcement agencies

We do monitor for strange and different user patterns. You can imagine that a virus, worm or any other unwanted parts of software can damage and be a nuisance to the network and to other users; if that is the case your port will be temporarily disabled by our monitoring system. With some computer knowledge, you will be able to solve it. The websites you use for schedules and payments are usually still available for you.

Downloading and distributing illegal material or content where copyrights exist as described in the Dutch law is not allowed. Ittdesk does NOT monitor this.

Ittdesk does not provide information to third parties, your registration remains in our possession and will not be sold, rented or lent out to third parties. Ittdesk only provides information to the judiciary on the basis of a valid judicial proceeding. Of this, you are not informed.