The messages E48 or E52

The messages E48 of E52 are caused by there being no or to weak TV signal.

To determine the cause of the message, it is important that you check the cabling in your house / apartment.

Disruption or maintenance.
Check if there is a report for a disruption or maintenance in your area, by entering your postcode (postal code) on the Ziggo website (in Dutch).

Are all the cables properly connected?
Check if for exampple the television cable is properly connected to the TV and walloutlet.
Consult the Ziggo Hulp bij Radio & TV (Help with Radio & TV) page (in Dutch).

Kabel Keur.
A lot of problems like static, blocks and stripes on your TV screen are cause by using bad cables or having bad connection points. Good material for your TV wll be marked with the Kabel Keur-logo.
For more information consult this Ziggo page (in Dutch).
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