The messages E16, E19 and E30

The messages E16, E19 and E30 can have different causes:

Your smartcard has not been activated yet.
Each new smartcard needs to be activated. Have you activated the smartcard?

The channel you are trying to watch is not part of your subscription.
Do you want to get more channels, then expand your subscription with TV Plus or TV Extra.
Also check out the extra channel packages (specialized on for example: sports) Ziggo has available.

Has your smartcard been activated and is the channel part of your subscription, but you still get the error message E16, E19 of E30?
This can happen if the digital decoder has been disconnected from its power-source for a long time.
Follow these steps the remedy this problem:

1. Turn off the decoder and remove the smartcard.

2. Take the powercord of the decoder out of the powersocket for at least 30 seconds.

3. Disconnect the coax (television) cable from the decoder.

4. Power the decoder back on, but do NOT place the smartcard back yet. Do not reconnect the coax (television) cable.

5. After several minutes the digital decoder will ask you to place the smartcard. Write down the smartcard number, for example on a piece of paper. The smartcard number can be found on the backside of the smartcard.

6. Place the smartcard back into the decoder. The decoder will now give the message E48 / E52 (no or weak signal).

7. Reconnect the coax (television) cable.

8. Log in on your “Mijn Ziggo” (my Ziggo) account.
If you don’t have a Mijn Ziggo account yet, you can create on on this site (in Dutch). (Attention: your Mijn Ziggo account is not the same as your Ziggo mail-account)

9. Check under Mijn Producten (My Products) – Radio & Televisie – Smartcards if the correct smartcard-number is activated.

10. Click the Herstel (Restore) option.

The E-message will disappear within a minute.

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