The message E32

The E32 message signals that you are probably using the wrong frequency and / or the wrong networknumber (Net ID) after setting up the digital decoder.
Please consult the Handleiding Digitale TV (Manual Digital TV) which frequency and networknumber you should use. This will be different for each postcode (postal code) area.

E32 can also mean that there is a problem on the Ziggo TV network.
Check if there are reports for your area (postal code). You can do this on the Ziggo website, by entering your postal code (in Dutch).

If this does not fix the problem, then you need to restore the smartcard on your Mijn Ziggo account.

To create a Mijn Ziggo account, you will need to have Ziggo customer-number.

1. Log in on your “Mijn Ziggo” (my Ziggo) account.
If you don’t have a Mijn Ziggo account yet, you can create on on this site (in Dutch). (Attention: your Mijn Ziggo account is not the same as your Ziggo mail-account)

2. Check under Mijn Producten (My Products) – Radio & Televisie – Smartcards if the correct smartcard-number is activated.

3. Click the Herstel (Restore) option.

The E-message will disappear within a minute.

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